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This platform is still in closed beta, as such the domain is not yet live and this wiki incomplete.

Intro platform was designed as an interface to the blockchain ecosystem. The focus on providing convenient low friction access to blockchain markets for Canadian citizens while providing a model for Universal Basic Income powered through community on the blockchain . The platform allows users to convert from CAD to Bitswift digital assets using the Flexepin voucher system. The platform also implements a rewards systems utilizing a digital asset known as CASH Token [1] which each user is eligible to claim on a daily basis.


The platform allows users to create a personal user account for personal use only. Upon creating and activating a user account, the user becomes a citizen of the platform. There are two types of citizens, verified and unverified, with verified citizens receiving full access to the platforms features.

To create an account the user must access the platforms registration page:LINK TO REG PAGE HERE Registration Button

The registration page is also accessible to new users on the homepage on the platform. This can be accessed by clicking the “Registration” link in the top right corner of the window providing the user is not already logged into the platform.

Registration Information

Registration requires that the following fields are submitted for user citizenship.

  • Username: Users can choose any username they wish providing it is not currently already used on the platform.
  • First Name:Legal First Name
  • Last Name:Legal Last Name
  • Email: Your common email address
  • Password: Password must meet complexity requirements
  • Captcha: Prove your not a robot by clicking the checkbox (robots are not permitted)

Registration Window


Accounts are not activated on the platform until the user clicks the link found in the activation email received from Users must click the verification link in the sign up email to activate the account on the platform

activation email

Accounts that have registered successfully will see the below “Account Activated - Welcome to Bitswift Cash” message after clicking the activation link found in the sign up email.

account activated message

Platform Dashboard

Upon successful registration, activation, and login authentication, the user will gain access to the main platform dashboard. It is important to understand the options found on the dashboard as they relate to functions which can be performed on the platform.


Dashboard Menu Options

Top Menu

  • Home - Brings the user back to the dashboard
  • Blockchain - For interfacing assets with the blockchain
  • FAQ - Frequently asked Questions (also covered in this document)
  • User Name - Account options, configuring user account variables, and displaying user statistics
  • Logout - Ends session and logs out

Dashboard Main Page

Main Page

  • Platform stats - Amount of citizens verified, amount of assets and other general market stats
  • CASH token balance - CASH token balance
  • BITS balance - Bitswift token balance
  • Claim button - Used to claim free CASH assets daily
  • Claim progress bar - Displays progress for regeneration of next claimable cash token
  • Purchase BITS button - Purchase Bitswift tokens on the BITS market using deposit methods listed
  • Transaction History - Used to display history of transactions

User Account Settings

Account Options

User account options can be accessed through the dashboard by clicking on your username in the menu bar at the top right of the window.

User Account Options

The user account window allows citizens of the platform to configure account options:

BCASH User Options.png BCASH User Bchain Options.png

  • Username - Should be the username you registered with
  • First Name - Should be your legal first name
  • Last Name - Should be your legal last name
  • Email- Should be your common email
  • Mobile Number - Used to become a verified citizen
  • Verify Account Option- Used to Verify using Phone number and PIN code
  • Verification status - Used to display if citizenship is verified or not
  • Security - Password change form
  • Blockchain address - For storing your blockchain account address
  • Official Bitswift Web Client - For creating blockchain accounts and creating a blockchain address


New users on the platform are “unverified” citizens. Unverified citizens are capped at claiming 10 CASH tokens per day, while verified citizens are capable of claiming 100 CASH tokens per day and are entitled to other benefits. It is recommended that all new citizens verify to receive the full benefits of the platform. Unverified citizens can start the verification process by click the green "Verify Account" button.


Verified citizenship status can be accomplished by linking your personal cell phone number to the activated account. Verified citizen accounts are tagged with a star.

Verification Instructions

Verified citizen status requires a valid phone number saved and updated on the account properties. The phone number saved should be the users personal cell phone number, not a friend, family, or work phone number. Ensure that all of the other information in the account properties fields are correct, including the password fields before choosing to save the number to the account.

Saving mobile number to account properties

After entering a valid mobile number click the green “Verify Account” button to verify your account. A message displaying "You will receive a verification code on (your number) will appear. Click the green button "Send Verification Code" to send the verification code to the cell phone number registered to the account. If an invalid phone number is entered you will receive an error message relating to the problem so that you may rectify the issue.

BCASH Mobile Verification.png

This will result in a text message to the phone number with a PIN code that must be entered into the account verification field on the platform.

After the account is verified, the citizenship status will change to “verified” and the account will be eligible to claim additional CASH tokens daily. Additionally, verified citizens receive a verified star on their account profile screen, they can access the blockchain interface, and will be eligible for future platform options.

Verified Account Status

Blockchain Interface

Verified citizens of the platform may access the blockchain interface options through blockchain button located in the top menu on the dashboard.

BCASH Blockchain Menu.png

The blockchain interface allows digital assets with the platform to be exported to the decentralized blockchain network. This allows the users to maintain direct control of their assets. Additionally, assets which are exported to the blockchain may be traded with other digital assets among users who are participating within blockchain token markets.

The blockchain dashboard supports the following features:

  • Bitswift and CASH token balance totals
  • Ability to create withdrawal requests for the balances
  • Declaration of any fees and requirements for using the interface
  • Link to creating a blockchain account (if the user requires one)

Use of the blockchain interface options comes with some requirements.

  • The citizen must be awesome (all citizens are)
  • The citizen must be verified
  • The citizen must have a blockchain account on their profile
  • The citizen must have the available balance for the fee on account

Blockchain dashboard


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Platform Assets

Password Reset Process

same with here ...

Platform Terms

The terms and conditions for utilizing the platform stipulate that robots are not permitted on the platform, and that each user is eligible to register one account only for personal purposes. Accounts found violating the platforms terms will be flagged, reviewed by an operator, and are subject to black listing.