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Bitswift Remote Agent

The Bitswift remote agent is a powerful software application that is installed on Bitswift Technology Solutions managed business customer computers. The agent utilizes the Connectwise Automate (formerly Labtech) software which allows Bitswift representatives to proactively maintain business customer machines ensuring that potential problems can be addressed before they become business disasters. This includes real time monitoring of backup and hard drive statistics among a host of other benefits. The service offers a predictable and low monthly fee to cover the operational costs of managing businesses IT infrastructure. The agent allows Bitswift Representatives to streamline their support processes while offering reputable pro-active solutions and support for the end customers.

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Remote Agent Features

  • Managed cloud backup
  • Managed anti virus / renewals
  • Managed remote support services (phone or remote assistance via the agent & Bitswift tech rep)
  • Ticket system accessibility (end user can open tickets directly from their desktop app)
  • Advanced and pro-active device diagnostics and reporting on all hardware and software sub systems
  • Inventory and other IT related management (product keys, digital skus, license codes, device assignments, etc)
  • Enables secure remote access for customers to their own systems

Bitswift Remote Agent History

The Bitswift remote agent was launched into production on March 3 2018 with 15 agents installed on business customer computers within the first week of operation. The product launched with 3 packages tailored for residential users, small business, and larger businesses with server requirements.

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Future Plans

Bitswift plans to develop apps for its blockchain and publish them into the Connectwise marketplace. Opportunities exist for the Bitswift blockchain interface to be pushed through the remote agent to the business customers desktop while simultaneously ensuring the end device is protected and that there is a representative available to provide reputable support and integration assistance if required. This would also give business customers the opportunity and accessibility options to utilize the Bitswift blockchain where they may also benefit from its features.