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CASH Token Specifications:

Asset Location: ID# 18124084271428561186 |Issued by:BITSWIFT-5XRU-EAEH-EWAZ-FANFZ | Initial Token Supply: 21 Million |Inflation rate: Event driven |Max Supply: Uncapped |Platform Specific: | Type: Digital Currency

CASH tokens operate as a digital currency on the platform. (Currently at : REQUIRES LINK HERE)

What is CASH token?

CASH is a community backed digital currency utilized on the Bitswift blockchain and within the platform.

What backs CASH token value?

CASH tokens are only backed by the communities willingness to use and accept them. The value is determined by the free market and is largely based on supply and demand.

How are CASH tokens created?

CASH tokens are created through user activity on the platform. The CASH token inflation rate is directly associated with the amount of users stimulating the platform.

How many CASH tokens are in circulation?

The amount of CASH tokens in circulation is dependent on the amount of users using the platform. As more users participate and stimulate the platform, the more CASH tokens will exist in circulation. CASH tokens statistics can be found on the user dashboard.

How can I obtain CASH tokens?

Users can only obtain CASH tokens through using the platform or through purchasing from other user on the decentralized asset exchange. The Bitswift team will be adding CASH token to future platforms and services as time permits.

How many CASH tokens can a user claim ?

Verified accounts can claim up to 100 CASH tokens per 24 hour period. Unverified accounts can claim 10 CASH tokens per 24 hour period.

What can I do with CASH tokens?

You can trade them with other digital assets, send them to friends and family, hold them for future use. You can use them on future products and services that will be added to the platform such as a decentralized marketplace.

Where can I find CASH token stats ?

CASH token Silo (Issuing Account)


Where to trade CASH token

You can currently trade CASH tokens with other digital assets on Bitswift decentralized asset exchanges available directly from your account at The Bitswift team will look into adding CASH token to traditional exchanges if there is enough demand for CASH digital currency and the platform.