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Welcome to the Bitswift ecosystem Wiki, here you will find the resources related to Bitswift Blockchain its community and related companies.

Bitswift is a tech brand with headquarters in Ontario, Canada. The brand represents technology companies, online communities, technology products and services including the Bitswift blockchain and Bitswift digital token products. The Bitswift platform and its tokens (bitswift tokens) are promoted, supported, and integrated through registered businesses and by a growing distributed fleet of technology professionals.

Bitswift History

The Bitswift Blockchain spawned its first public block on September 30th 2014

Company & Product Information

Bitswift Technology Solutions

Bitswift Technology Solutions head office is located in Ontario, Canada. The company provides technology solutions for business and residential users and generally supports them with their technology infrastructure.

The ( is a product of Bitswift Technology Solutions Inc. The shop sells technology products and tech support options. Products drop ship from Bitswift Techs distributors directly to end users and businesses within Canada. The accepts crypto-currency and various blockchain based tokens as payment.

Bitswift Remote Agent

The Bitswift Remote Agent is installed, promoted, and supported by Bitswift representatives. The agent allows proper proactive maintenance and support options for managed business customer computers.

Bitswift Decentralized Applications

Bitswift Decentralized Applications Inc head office is located in Ontario, Canada. Bitswift Decentralized Applications Inc is responsible for the ongoing development of the Bitswift token blockchain products and applications which utilize the Bitswift tokens. is a product of Bitswift Decentralized Applications Inc. It provides a basic block explorer and web access to the Bitswift blockchain.

LZLZ Forging Pool

Bitswift Decentralized operates an Ardor forging pool to leverage digital assets which benefit the Bitswift ecosystem is a low friction blockchain gateway with integrated crypto-faucet.

Blockchain and Token Information


Accounts can be created on the Bitswift blockchain through the web client available at

Account Protection

In a p2p economy, the responsibility to secure accounts remains with the end user. We recommend users secure their accounts by broadcasting their public key to the blockchain.


Below is a list of features supported by the Bitswift child chain as it relates to the native Ardor client, click on the headings for more information.

Alias System

Bitswift child chain implements an alias system that translates alphanumeric text into almost anything: account addresses, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, SKU codes, and more. This enables the ability to function as a Decentralized DNS system, but adds additional possibilities for mapping short names to other entities.

Arbitrary Messages

This feature allows Bitswift users to send small amounts of data through the decentralized network. The term "message" is loose: this feature can be used to send simple text messages, but can also be used to send up to 1000 bytes of any data. As a result, it can be used to build decentralized services such as file-sharing services, decentralized applications, and higher-level Bitswift services.

Account Monitor

Component which automatically transfers tokens, assets or digital currencies from a funding account to recipient accounts when the amount held by the recipient accounts drops below a set threshold.

Asset Exchange

Used to exchange cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a decentralized manner on the Bitswift blockchain. Functions identical to the Nxt asset exchange.


Bitswift bundlers collect fees in Bitswift token in order to secure Bitswift transactions on the Ardor parent chain.


The Bitswift platform comes equipped with an internal monetary system allowing users to create custom digital currencies with various attributes.

Decentralized Data Storage

Used to store user-defined data. All forms of data can be uploaded keeping a permanent and immutable record of that data through SHA256 hash stored within the Blockchain.


Phasing allows transactions with deferred execution, with or without conditions. Phasing could be considered a form of smart transactions.


Bitswift blockchain plugins enables third-party developers to add functionality to the Bitswift Client Interface.

Token Shuffling

Token Shuffling is a privacy feature which enables users to mix their digital tokens quickly and efficiently with other users tokens by creating a random mapping between the existing user accounts and a new recipient accounts provided by the users.

Voting System

Bitswift equips an integrated decentralized voting system, enabling important voting decisions to be publicly accessible, secure and transparent in nature.

Supported Sub Tokens

The Bitswift project has official tokens which are supported by the Bitswift companies and promoted by the Bitswift community members.


Digital asset operating as part of the platform.

Fee Schedule

The following page details the fee schedule on the Ardor platform

Exchange Integration

The following page explains how to integrate Bitswift into a crypto-currency exchange.

Bitswift child chain API

The Bitswift blockchain utilizes the fully featured Ardor blockchain API which is very similar to the NXT API.

Detailed API examples can be found here:


All support requests related to the Bitswift digital ecosystem are handled internally by Bitswift representatives through a ticketing system.


External links, exchanges, block explorers, newsletters, graphics and branding etc


Branding material related to the Bitswift project, for public use.


A list of exchanges which support Bitswift tokens.


Common questions and answers

Social Accounts

Community Updates