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The Bitswift ecosystem comes packed with professional and reliable support through official Bitswift representatives. Representatives are capable of providing remote solutions via phone or remote desktop sessions. Representatives may provide on-site solutions if they are available in the customers local area. For instance, a local rep could meet customers at the nearest Starbucks to discuss potential business opportunities over a cup of coffee.

You may open a support request using the Bitswift Technology Solutions ticketing system and a representative is assigned same business day to assist.

The link to the support portal may be found here : Bitswift Tech Support Portal

Alternatively you can email helpdesk(at) to have a ticket auto created and a representative assigned to your case.

In the event a customer is already directly dealing with a Bitswift representative, they should contact that Bitswift representative directly using their assigned email address for all future support requests.

For immediate services, individual representatives may be reached by their extension # in the company directory at the Bitswift Tech 1 888 64 SWIFT toll free number.