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*Public transparency addresses  
*Public transparency addresses  
Clicking login at the ''top right'' of the screen allows users to either log in with a pre existing Bitswift account or to create a new account which users may utilize to access the Bitswift blockchain features and resources.
Accounts on https://Bitswift.network are free, users and devices may create as many accounts as they require.

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The Bitswift block explorer and Bitswift blockchain access is available through Bitswift.network website.

The site allows users to view statistics related to the Bitswift blockchain. This includes items such as:

  • Active peer counts
  • Active bundler rates
  • Live transaction feeds
  • The ability to look up Addresses/Txnhash/BlockID
  • Conversion utilities
  • Market information and historical pricing
  • Supported sub tokens and promoted digital assets
  • Bitswift resources
  • Public transparency addresses