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Bitswift Technology Solutions is a company located in Ontario, Canada. The company provides technology solutions to business and residential users and generally supports them with their technology infrastructure. Bitswift tech website exists at


Tasks handled by Bitswift Tech corporate include brand expansion, onboarding new reps, marketing, research and development of new products and forming business partner relationships.

Corporate Responsibilities

Product and Service offerings

Account management

Brand marketing and advertising

Email and domains

Shared repositories

Shared Remote access tools

Shared ticketing system

Shipping and receiving

Distributor hooks


Credit card processing


Client portfolio management

Product availability and support (Backup, Remote Access tools etc)

Invoicing system and accounting


Other internal systems

Bitswift Reps

Bitswift Technology Solutions is composed of a growing number of technology professional who operate their own business under the Bitswift brand. The company does not have employees but rather works through a sub contractor / partner model with participating representatives known as "Bitswift reps".

The primary focus of representatives operating under Bitswift Tech is to support and provide technology solutions to nonprofits, business, and residential users.

Rep Benefits


A geographical distribution of Bitswift Tech reps allows for larger contracts to be inherited and rolled out by Bitswift Tech and additional brand visibility for potential customers. Bitswift reps have the ability to support multi national franchises with their IT infrastructure and implement solutions across the globe that are standardized as each rep is following the same installation guidelines, accomplished the same training, and adheres to the same customer engagement rules.


Bitswift reps are not locked to any geographical region, they are free to roam and generate business in any area that they may occupy.

Team Work

Reps act as a swarm, working together feeding off each others skillsets, knowledge and referrals. Each rep brings in their experience and adds them to the knowledge pool so that each is capable of handling any situation even if the servicing rep is not directly experienced with the task at hand. Together reps can satisfy any customers tech requirements.

Shared Resources

Along with a shared talent pool, reps also share in expensive applications and utilities required to service customers. Group / bulk purchasing help individual reps cut expenses on hardware and software, leading to more sales and boosted profits.

Bootstrap Business

Reps are equipped with referrals from other reps which they may use to help them gain business traction. Reps join in an already established and trusted brand, utilizing brand resources to help boost initial business opportunities and obtain trusted client base.

Communications Center

One of the responsibilities of Bitswift tech is to provide communication mechanisms for the representatives and the customers reps are serving. Currently the company provides a 1800 number, a email addres, and multiple managed social channels such as Telegram and Discord.

Other communications

Each Bitswift representative receives an email address as part of the on boarding process. The email address appears on the Bitswift representatives business cards along with the 1.888.64.SWIFT. number so that customers may contact the call center to reach their assigned representative or to deal with administrative tasks.