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Bitswift blockchain utility tokens exist through the inherent nature of the Bitswift blockchain. The tokens may be assigned value by users in the Bitswift community, or larger token ecosystem community members as they exchanged on digital currency exchanges.

The Bitswift token supply is fixed at 3.88 million tokens. This can be verified through getConstants : {"totalAmount":"388463474539339","ONE_COIN":"100000000","decimals":8,"name":"BITSWIFT","id":4,}

The Bitswift supply is deflationary set to decrease through forgotten dust accounts and lost passwords.

Custom Currencies

Users operating on the Bitswift blockchain may use Bitswift tokens to perform actions on the network, one of these actions being the ability to create custom currencies which are secured by the Bitswift blockchain platform. Custom user created crypto-currencies may be created using the Monetary System feature.


Bitswift tokens trade with Bitcoin and various other altcoins on supporting digital currency exchanges.

Currently Bitswift trades on Bittrex

and on the Ardor Coin Exchange which can be accessed through your account on, or through the official Ardor client.

Monetary System

Bitswift is equipped with a secure and decentralized internal monetary system which allows users to create custom virtual currencies on the blockchain platform.