Decentralized Data Storage

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The Bitswift child chain supports a decentralized data storage system, which may be used to store any type of user-defined data.

One of the most important features of data storage on the blockchain is that the Bitswift blockchain is a permanent and immutable record that provides a tamper-proof time stamp. This allows for legal records (such as contracts) to be embedded in the blockchain, with absolute certainty about the time at which they were created.

Only the The sha256 hash of the data is stored on the blockchain as proof of existence. The data itself is pruned the moment a log of the transaction data has been secured on Ardor. Pruned data is stored permanently on nodes with their archival attribute enabled. Any node that has prunable in their services list is an archival node.

Use Cases

Decentralized Data Storage api provides the framework for the Bitswift Digital Copyright system.