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*When did Bitswift blockchain launch ?  
*When did Bitswift blockchain launch ?  

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  • When did Bitswift blockchain launch ?

Bitswift blockchain launched in September 2014

  • Where can I purchase Bitswift tokens ?

Bitswift tokens may be purchased on any supporting exchange. We recommend to use Bittrex: https://bittrex.com/market/?marketName=BTC-SWIFT or the Ardor Coin Exchange (ACE) which can be accessed inside your account at https://bitswift.network

  • Where can I find the current market price for Bitswift tokens ?

The current price can be reviewed on the Bitswift market & block explorer: https://bitswift.network . This price is pulled from Bittrex.

  • What is Bitswift Tech ?

Bitswift Technology Solutions is a tech support and installations company composed of a distributed team of technology enthusiasts. The team integrates and supports technology for businesses and individuals. This company and its team provide the face, support, and integration options for the Bitswift blockchain. Bitswift Technology Solutions focuses on physical infrastructure.

  • What is Bitswift Decentralized ?

Bitswift Decentralized Applications is the application development company behind Bitswift token products. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the security and longevity of Bitswift tokens. This includes making important decisions such as upgrade paths for the Bitswift blockchain. This company also develops applications on top of the blockchain. Bitswift Decentralized Applications focuses on digital infrastructure.

  • Do aliens exist ?

Of course, take a look in the mirror.