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'''TECH Token Specifications''':
'''Asset Information:
ID#8592752264082871895 | Initial Token Supply: 21 Million | Inflation rate: Event driven  | Live Circulation: 1417.5 Tokens | Max Supply: Uncapped | Type: Rewards & Incentive | Trades on :Bitswift Asset Exchange (BAE)|
Notice: TECH Tokens do NOT represent any share or ownership in any Bitswift related companies.  TECH Tokens are NOT for investment purposes. TECH token is a community driven rewards token. 
TECH Token is a rewards token used by Bitswift representatives and eligible community members who are helping facilitate Bitswift ecosystem growth. TECH tokens replace Bitswifts previous reward system which rewarded official representatives directly in Bitswift tokens.
TECH tokens are always credited from account BITSWIFT-WX2C-T6AN-FSKZ-FL43D with official active reps earning 10% commissions on service dollars and Bitswift community members receiving 5% commissions on shop sales.  New representatives sign up, rep service dollars, and sales from the Bitswift.shop are currently the only mechanisms which generate TECH token distribution from the TECH silo. 
TECH tokens may be exchanged directly for Bitswift tokens on Bitswifts decentralized asset exchange.  TECH tokens may be used to purchase hardware and software from the Bitswift.shop or may be exchanged freely with other representatives.  TECH Tokens do NOT represent any share or ownership in any Bitswift related companies or related ventures. 
A transparent and autonomous process for providing TECH tokens to representatives based on invoicing activity is in the planning stages.
Check Ardor.tools for a history of TECH token issuance and market information : Ardor Tools [https://ardor.tools/asset/8592752264082871895] (Ensure to select the Bitswift chain from the drop down)
The transaction message for TECH token issuance includes all internal invoice numbers which generated TECH tokens enabling transparency between representatives and the Bitswift DAC.  This function is also useful for auditing and reporting purposes with Bitswift representatives now able to verify proper commission and bonus payouts from the blockchain.
Date    Mar 1, 2018, 4:52:11 PM
ARDR TX ID    14463213650717776182
Type    Asset Transfer
Asset    TECH
Quantity    0.0002
Fee    0.003299 BITSWIFT
Block    6059476256718358947
Status    100%
Transaction Details:
"signature": "bdce7b26a9590d31c6a4d3477c3ee5c40b965f20be9c864da3bd96262b5b47051b43b8d390eb3c7604ab61966e88a40e46296a460750c764b829e44a4f72ae33",
"transactionIndex": 1,
"type": 2,
"fxtTransaction": "14463213650717776182",
"phased": false,
"ecBlockId": "2499211309530693570",
"signatureHash": "d9ce234e0289515faebd166a4a14700519149cc6e6f7d89d03cd1e4eb4264653",
"attachment": {
  "quantityQNT": "20000",
  "version.AssetTransfer": 1,
  "version.PrunablePlainMessage": 1,
  "messageIsText": true,
  "messageHash": "934f087794d414bfb780009d20172c8f51e18fcb4bc4f4556c0da16a78b08923",
  "asset": "8592752264082871895",
  "message": "200 TECH TOKEN GENERATED FROM BTS INVOICES:\r\n\r\nBTS021118B\r\nBTS020618G\r\nBTS020618A\r\nBTS020618B\r\nBTS020618C\r\nBTS012318C\r\nBTS012318B\r\nBTS012318A\r\nBTS122917A\r\nBTS011118C\r\nBTS010718A\r\nBTS020618J\r\nBTS021118A\r\nBTS021118C\r\nBTS022818B\r\nBTS022818E\r\nBTS022818E\r\nBTS030118A\r\nBTS122917A\r\nBTS018181B\r\nBTS021318G"
"senderRS": "ARDOR-WX2C-T6AN-FSKZ-FL43D",
"subtype": 1,
"amountNQT": "0",
"recipientRS": "ARDOR-ZCZ9-Y7HN-NUD5-FHWBK",
"block": "6059476256718358947",
"blockTimestamp": 5176334,
"deadline": 15,
"timestamp": 5176331,
"height": 86628,
"senderPublicKey": "6338b48bc872d9b2ec66c66d6847eb6f5b816bd133f79aa94891c7d1b7afc003",
"chain": 4,
"feeNQT": "329900",
"requestProcessingTime": 2,
"confirmations": 40,
"fullHash": "b399368b3049a7d37b305977bb97aca66156260f451326ac24a4be3ef42ccd04",
"version": 1,
"sender": "15385513250536715274",
"recipient": "15611604900152060903",
"ecBlockHeight": 85907

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